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Welcome To The Phenomena Corner

Who We Are!

PhenomenaCorner is an online platform for celebrating and bringing the stories of people that have accomplished feats out for the world to read.

We bring you news, history, event covering and lots more.

Our Essence
  • GISTS – We keep you updated with latest gossips and things that are happening.
  • INTERVIEW – Our utmost desire is to make you inspired by the stories of phenomenal people you read here, we want the people we introduce to you give you the burning desire to stop at nothing until you achieve your dreams, take action and eventually strive to be the best you can be.
  • ARTICLES – We bring you writeup from various spheres, sometimes with traces of personal opinion.
  • HISTORY – Interesting and challenging pasts.
  • LIFESTYLE – Here we bring you the unusual ways of doing things.
  • EVENTS – Keep you updated with happening around you and events coverage (scholarship, opportunities, parties, tech meetups, etc)
  • DOWNLOADS – Links to some downloadable books, music, videos etc.

-don’t just be great, be phenomenal

Olufunke Folu

About Motunrayo

Dear Phenomena Lover! Do I sense curiosity in you? You are probably wondering why i decided to take this path. Why PhenomenaCorner? I’ll answer in a bit.

My name is Motunrayo I am a curriculum developer, an educationist, writer and the founder of PhnomenaCorner.

  • How Did It All Start?

This idea of writing about phenomenal people started in my second year in the University when I was spending my holiday with an Uncle who is Bibliophile. He gave me tons of books to read but kept on talking about a particular book. It was a biography on the life of the 18th U.S President Ulysses Sam Grant, i read the book countless times, i could not understand how someone tagged as “Useless” could end up being the President of America. I saw that as extraordinary and i became hungry to know more about people like that, this led me to reading people’s biography It came to a point that i could not keep it to myself anymore, I wanted others to be inspired by these people like i have been. This eventually led to the creation of My Facebook Page where I write about some wonderful people like Dr. James Barry and Ella Washington but it wasn’t enough, i realized there aren’t much platform for celebrating people who have done commendable things or a platform to talk about the sleepless nights, the disappointments, frustration and failure they encountered before getting there.

So I asked myself, why not spice it up? why not talk about things that are of interest to you?

This subsequently led to the birth of PhenomenaCorner.

The core value of this blog is just to add value to you.

When I’m not busy scouting for the next phenomenal story to bring to you, you’ll find me neck deep in books or advocating for quality education.

Do you have want to share your story with the world? Or you want me to interview or write about someone who has achieved a feat? Do you have a question to ask? Do you want to be a guest blogger? Then this platform is for you, all you have to do is or mail me personally at

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