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Life After University: With Naga Avan-Nomayo

Four years in school have taught me that school will not teach me anything.This is my final year and everything I've learned about my profession, I've learned on my own... As crazy as university and campus life is, it's a controlled environment, There are only so many things that can happen... I have dreams and things I want to achieve, sometimes these dreams keep me up at night, sometimes they scare me, sometimes they don't.
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Courage Idahor

Life After Tertiary Institution: With Courage Idahor

My name is Courage Idahor, a final year medical student of the University of Benin. I have fears about life after school but then I see it as a good feeling – fear makes you know life is not easy. At he moment we can do everything we want to do  under the “I am a student” disguise. A lot of foolish things can be done and be overlooked, but after school foolishness cannot be entertained because the remaining part of your life will depend on the actions you take after school.
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With OSAYI POSSIBLE OGEDEGBE- Uniben Second First Class Law Graduate. I remember I used to teach English Language, sometimes I won't be in class, I would go to lectures sometimes to teach. One way or the other, I was always looking for money until I published my first English textbook, I stopped teaching then and started selling the books. I did a lot of menial jobs in school- bricklaying, I worked at car-washes just to get money... looking back at it all now, it just looks so far away.
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