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Life After University: With Oboghalome Elizabeth
Meet: -Oboghalome Elohor Elizabeth -Computer science -Delta State University, Abraka

Life After University: With Oboghalome Elizabeth

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What Next After University?

The big question pops up again? The panic associated with graduating from the university is no longer news, as the uncertainty that lies ahead scares the shit out of people.

Will I meet up to expectations? What would I do? where will I live? …

It is another beautiful day to share the conversation I had with a lady about this topic.

life after university with Oboghalome Elohor Elizabeth
-Oboghalome Elohor Elizabeth
-Computer science
-Delta State University, Abraka

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Why did you choose to study Computer science?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: It was not always Computer Science. I applied for medicine at UNILAG and DELSU for 3years but I was not granted admission. I later discovered my passion for graphics so I ended up going for computer science in the fourth year.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: How was integrating into the university for you? Would you say the freedom was intoxicating?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: Well, although the University environment was strange at first, I was not intoxicated by the freedom. But I was occasionally bullied in my first year.

The bullying was due to my shortness and tiny body. Everything changed after a semester when I became the mouthpiece of my class as I was able to defend myself and speak up against it.

You could say that I earned my respect.
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FOLU OLUFUNKE: Do you engage yourself in anything apart from the normal school stuff?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: Yes, I am a content writer, fashion designer and I make wigs.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Are you scared about life after university?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: Sincerely speaking, I was not scared about it while I was still in school but my inability to get the required funds to start my Fashion house before graduating is the only reason I am afraid of life after university now.



FOLU OLUFUNKE: What are your plans for life after university?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: I want to start my Fashion house, make ready to wear wigs and dive into fabrics importation.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: How well do you think your course has prepared you for life after university?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: Well, I’d say it has prepared me quite well (80%). The world is now evolving and tech is the future.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

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OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: In the next five years I would be the CEO of lizzycouture – a ready to wear brand, I will have my MSC in view, and be a mother and a wife.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: What advice do u have for final year students?

OBOGHALOME ELOHOR ELIZABETH: I’d tell them education does not just end in school, they should seek knowledge outside the walls of the university, they should empower themselves in anyway possible, attend seminars and most importantly they should not forget God

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