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Life After University: With Naga Avan-Nomayo

Life After University: With Naga Avan-Nomayo

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What Next After University?

I have dreams and things I want to achieve, sometimes these dreams keep me up at night, sometimes they scare me, sometimes they don’t.

-Naga Avan-Nomayo
life-after-university with avan nomayo
-Naga Avan-Nomayo
-Mass Communication
University of Lagos.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: How was integrating into the university for you? Were you intoxicated by the freedom? Were you bullied?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: The freedom was definitely a new experience. I was coming from a “reality” where it was school, home, or running errands with/for my parents.

It was the first time I was going places on my own and taking decisions. I stayed with my sister so the freedom definitely wasn’t 100% , but it was a reality check for sure.

I wasn’t bullied. I’d like to believe I’m a pretty chilled guy so the issue wasn’t getting bullied. It was too many people thinking I had to talk to them or greet them.

Facing people’s sense of entitlement was new to me. My first semester, I’d get really angry because people had the wrong perception of me; that i was a proud snub.

By my second semester i understood better and started caring less. Their wrong perceptions only made me carry that pride a step higher and catch my own cruise.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Why did you choose to study Mass Communication?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: My first choice was law, but I don’t believe in the Nigerian legal system. The fact that they suffer and carry textbooks that is not different from the arch of the covenant made it even less appealing.

I decided to go for theater arts, but I needed French to gain admission and I wasn’t interested in going through that stress.

Thus, Mass communication was the final choice. At a young age I understood how the Nigerian job market was shifting.

I had started writing and growing a love for digital marketing before I entered school, so I thought Mass communication would set me on the right career path.

Plot twist – Mass Communication is also a scam.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Hahahaha, why is it a scam?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: When entering, you’d think you’re about to actually learn for the next 4 years.


Instead, you’re about to sign up and pay school fees in exchange for depression and near insanity.

Lecturers teach with notes from 1989, the same lecturers will tell you, you’re not serious. Those same lecturers will give you an F because they saw you hugging a girl that’s refusing to sleep with them.

Four years in school have taught me that school will not teach me anything.

This is my final year and everything I’ve learned about my profession, I’ve learned on my own.

I’ve had to pick up skills on my own, but society and the job market still dictates that i get a B.Sc. If not, Lord knows I would have dropped out after the first day of classes back in year 1.

I went on Industrial Training for 3 months and I had to handle Google Data Analysis, Social Media management, and Digital Marketing. Guess which of these skills School taught me or even gave me direction on?


They teach like our destiny is to end up as frustrated newspaper reporters begging for brown envelopes.

Fucking sadistic Paedophiles. It’s 2019 and Mass Communication students are taught nothing about Digital Marketing.


FOLU OLUFUNKE: Do you do other things apart from the normal school stuff?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: Yes, I’m a Web designer, app developer and a digital marketer.

I started out with being a creative writer, I used to write short stories for a blog and get paid 2k per week. I also transcribed interviews and things like that.

I’d been obsessed with social media and how to grow an Audience on it right from secondary school, so I kept trying to break into Digital Marketing. It’s been 4 years now and I’ve had a fairly adventurous freelance career.

I look back on some things and events and i wish they happened differently, but I’m here now and I’m pushing by gods grace.

FOLU OLUFUNKE: When you think of life after university, does it scare you?

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NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: As crazy as university and campus life is, it’s a controlled environment, There are only so many things that can happen.

Out there, it’s a mad world and a jungle. Survival of the fittest and a race. But I’ve realized that everyone’s race isn’t the same so keep to your lane and stay focused.

I have dreams and things I want to achieve, sometimes these dreams keep me up at night, sometimes they scare me, sometimes they don’t.

So Yes and No. But either way I will things one day at a time and keep walking in the grace that I’ve been blessed with.

That doesn’t mean I won’t work hard and put in effort

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: That’s a tough question to answer, but I hope I’m not in this country, hopefully I’ve copped a masters and a few extra certifications by then.


FOLU OLUFUNKE: If you were given the opportunity to change something about your course of study in your university, what would you do?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: I’d tell them to go fuck themselves! Fuck the course of study! Fuck the school! And fuck Nigeria too!

Give me a Visa and an acceptance letter for a masters!

FOLU OLUFUNKE: Do you have any advice for students in their finals?

NAGA AVAN-NOMAYO: Just graduate! Hope you’re already making some money, no matter the amount because starting after school might be too late. At the same time, if that’s what you can handle, that’s fine. EVERYONE has their time!

In the end – Graduate. Find some sanity and happiness and move on with life.

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