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Orji success- First class student from the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology

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be disciplined and determined and you will have everything you desire.

-Orji Success

ORJI SUCCESS! The scholar from the department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology.

It’s a beautiful Sunny and remarkable day in Benin as University of Benin had her 44th convocation and prize giving ceremony. After interviewing the overall best student in Uniben in person of Miss Oluwakemi Igiehon, you can find the interview by clicking on this link.(Oluwakemi Igiehon-Overall best student in Uniben)
I went ahead to interview some outstanding students also, one of them is Orji Chukwuebuliem Success a scholar from the Department of Plant biology and biotechnology who graduated with a 4.62CGPA.
Orji is someone who has decided not to be pushed to the ground, this is someone who believes that who he has inside him his greater than what he’s ever going to face.
Orji believes he will always come out good and strong no matter what life throws at him.

Below is my conversation with him.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Congratulations Sir, I’m Moronfolu Olufunke, I own a blog and I’m quite fascinated with people that have accomplished phenomenal feats and i would love to write your story for the world.

ORJI SUCCESS: oh.k! Thanks

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Could you please tell me about your family??

ORJI SUCCESS: Well, my parents are both petty traders. I’m the second son and also the second child out of a family of 8.
OLUFUNKE FOLU: How would you describe your performance in secondary school?.

ORJI SUCCESS: I was just a normal student, maybe some would say i was smart and intelligent but I was an average student because never really read to pass.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: What promoted you to choose PBB?

ORJI SUCCESS: Well! I didn’t actually apply for PBB, i applied for Medicine and Surgery and Uniben pushed me to PBB, at first i wasn’t happy but then i realised that i had to hold on to what i have and hold it strongly. I believed i could make something worthwhile out of PBB if i could concentrate well. OLUFUNKE FOLU: How was your financial status in school???

ORJI SUCCESS: After secondary school, i stayed back at home for so me years before gaining admission and during that period i worked and gathered some money. My clearance fee in 100level was all from me, my parents tried their best but i also supplemented their effort. I never expected any monthly allowance from home, so i dabbled into business to maintain myself, but God really helped me. God made me fruitful on every side.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Were you a library fan??

ORJI SUCCESS: In my 100 level i read in the library, but i really frequented the place then because i had no smartphone and i needed to make use of the textbook. I’m the kinda person that can read anywhere, anytime and fully understand but i assimilate better at night or after sleeping. I also learnt from my colleagues because i believe no one is an island of knowledge.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: what was the maximum time you have ever read for?? ORJI SUCCESS: hmm! At a stretch?? I would say 10 hours, but after then i never tried it again.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: So what would you like to do?? Will you dive into the labour market or further your studies?

ORJI SUCCESS: for now, I’m only concerned about money! I’ll need money for my masters so i think I’ll work for a while before furthering with my books!

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Did you hold any position in school??

ORJI SUCCESS: hmm, yes! I was a leader in fellowship. I attended CASOR,and held position from 200level to final year.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Wow, that’s quite a responsibility! How were you able to handle that with your studies??

ORJI SUCCESS: hmm, that is where self discipline and management comes in. I understood that i could combine both together and one wont affect the other. At a point i made it a rule to read for three hours, no matter how busy i am. I really saw God at work, he blessed me wirh quick understanding.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: thanks a lot sir! So what is your advice for undergraduates???

ORJI SUCCESS: Hmm, the first thing i will say is that you should know and understand yourself, don’t do things because others are doing it! Don’t go to night class because others are going. and know what you want and passionately work towards it. Be disciplined and determined and you will have everything you desire.

OLUFUNKE FOLU: Thanks a lot for your time

ORJI SUCCESS: It’s my pleasure.

Folu Olufunke

Folu Olufunke is a writer, curriculum developer and an educationist. When she isn't scouting for the next juicy story to bring here, you'll find her neck deep in her books or advocating for quality education for all

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