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The Unknown Series : Life After University.
Olufunke in 2019

The Unknown Series : Life after University.

Post Series: final year
The unknown series…

My name is Moronfolu Olufunke (lol), you know that already. I will be embarking on a project that I termed “the unknown series”.  By now, almost everyone knows that to know that to every action, there is always a story behind it, and this is in no way different.

In my second year in the University, I went through what I would call – “my darkest hour”, it was like the whole universe was against me (I’ll tell you about it some other time).

Reality hit me so hard that I began to think a lot about life after school – I thought about what I would do? Was what I was getting in school preparing me enough for the outside world? Will I just be an addition to the unemployed educated youths in my country? I was sick with worry about thsxe future that was not even going to come in the next two years.

This fear of the unknown led me to talking to people who have gone far beyond me and I also set out on a journey to developing myself.

Olufunke in 2017

                                                                   Olufunke in 2017

It is 2019 already, I won’t tell you everything is set in stone, but surely I am not that scared of what lies ahead anymore. I will not tell you I am fully prepared for life after the University but I cannot wait to experience it.

With careful observation during the past few months, I have realized that a lot of people in their finals in the university are scared of graduating, for most in public universities they want a strike to at least delay their graduation while they try to figure out life, while some are dripping with ideas but do not even know how to actualize them and some are already making waves, these observations has led me to what I’ll be doing for the next couple of months.

                                                                                 Olufunke in 2019

I’ll be going on an interview spree that will engage students from different universities in their final years. Maybe hearing the stories of the ones prepared for life after University will help those who are still trying to figure it out, maybe openly talking about their fears will connect them with people who have gone through this same stuff and now have a solution, maybe talking about their big plans will connect them with people who are interested in their ideas.

I deliberately attached two pictures of me in 2017 and me in 2019 to deepict the changes I have gone through, it might not be obvious here, but I am not the girl I was yesterday nor was I the girl I was two years ago.

I will be open to ideas and featuring people who would like to share their story.


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Folu Olufunke

Folu Olufunke is a writer, curriculum developer and an educationist. When she isn't scouting for the next juicy story to bring here, you'll find her neck deep in her books or advocating for quality education for all

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  1. I love this writeup. I’m impressed with your blog and what you’re setting out to do. It’s inspirational in itself. Lots of prospective graduates are genuinely worried about life after school and the future and it’s a nice change to see someone bringing this topic to light. Once more MOE, well done💯🔥👏

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