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Why My Name? – Moronfolu Olufunke Elizabeth
moronfolu olufunke elizabeth

Why my name? – Moronfolu Olufunke Elizabeth

Entry 001 of Moronfolu Olufunke countless entries.

Welcome to MOE Republic!

My name is Moronfolu Olufunke Elizabeth, drinker of Cocacola and Second of her name. I have numerous nicknames but at this stage I have decided to stick with “MOE”, which is a combination of the first letters of my three names. From my name, you probably know I’m a Yoruba girl.

This section of this blog will be just about my life.

What better way to start than by telling you the reason behind my name? In my culture there’s a proverb that says “ile laa wo ki a to so omo loruko” which means you take a look at the family and what is going on before naming a child. There is always a reason for every name given to a child.

The same thing was done in my case. My name was actually bore at first by my great grandmother who died before I was born. According to history I was given birth to some months after she passed away.

For people who believe in reincarnation, I would have bagged another name like “Iyabo” – which means Mother is back, instead my grandfather gave me her names. So I think it is just right for you to call me an Old Soul. Only thing is just that I am not as fair as my great grandmother.

moronfolu olufunke elizabeth

moronfolu olufunke elizabeth

Stay tuned for the next entries as I introduce you to MOE . We’ll definitely have a nice ride.

You can follow me on Instagram. I would love to connect with you.

Folu Olufunke

Folu Olufunke is a writer, curriculum developer and an educationist. When she isn't scouting for the next juicy story to bring here, you'll find her neck deep in her books or advocating for quality education for all

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